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Accessibility resources

This is a list of accessibility resources that I find helpful.


These are one-size-fits-all resources that have a bunch of information about a lot of different things.

Specialist blogs

These are more specific resources that do detailed deep dives on really focused topics. If you're curious about the accessibility of a new HTML feature, or if you'd like to know how different patterns perform across different browser/screen reader combinations, look no further.

Component patterns

If I need a reference for the best way to build a common component pattern, I'll probably look at one of these.

Podcast episodes and other media

These are pretty varied, but can be good, short introductions to accessibility.


These are deeper dives, but are good for more holistic looks at accessibility.


  • Deque University Full Curriculum - Beyond developing accessibly, it covers some of the basic groups of people that we need to keep in mind when writing inclusive code. Laws are covered as well, making this good for IAAP certification prep.
  • Practical Accessibility - I haven't personally taken this course, but I enjoy Sara's accessibility writing and I'm confident that the course will be good too.
  • Princeton University CPACC Preparation Course - See further information in the following Certifications section.