Tevin Steinke


I'm a web developer with 10 years of experience in front- and back- end technologies. I specialize in the "front of the front end", where I enjoy working on design systems, progressive enhancement, semantic HTML, large-scale and axiomatic CSS, and performance. I focus in accessibility, and I am CPACC-certified.

I also enjoy technical writing. You can find samples of my writing on my blog. I developed a design system for the Better Business Bureau called Better Design System, and I wrote all of the accompanying documentation.




Better Business Bureau


Spearheaded, planned, and solely developed a design system to expose accessible brand-compliant components for use across projects built in different technologies. Review new work for potential accessibility issues and when applicable, and propose alternative solutions to product managers and designers, resulting in a jump from #272,933 to #107,807 in the WebAIM Million report for 2023. Identify and implement opportunities for performance gains, moving Core Web Vitals levels for all hosted pages from red to green.



Led migration of team code repositories from GitLab to GitHub. Worked on building and maintaining a standard SSR React based platform to build new pilot projects.

Better Business Bureau


Wrote performant React/C# code to support over 400,000 visitors per day on bbb.org. Supported home-grown dotnet core/Angular content management system. Acted as technical lead for various integrations, including Google Ad Manager and Adobe Analytics. Led post-release log reviews, greatly reducing noise in logs and solving bugs before reported by customers.

American Technology Services


Transformed static Photoshop designs into interactive HTML/CSS/JS UIs. Implemented HTML/CSS/JS UIs into content management systems (CMS) like Kentico, WordPress, and EPiServer.

Education and certifications

  • Section 508 Trusted Tester (2024)
  • Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) from IAAP (2022)
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from George Mason University (2014)